Sunday, January 8, 2017

Things That Make Me Happy :)

Here is a list of things that makes me happy and smile. J


1.   Food

2.   Puppies

3.   My daughter

4.   My fiancé

5.   Dogs

6.   Animals

7.   Big red gum

8.   The smell of clean clothes

9.   Root beer

10.         A nice hot shower

11.         Freshly painted nails

12.         When my makeup is on point ;)

13.         A clean house

14.         When the clock says 5:05

15.         The number 5

16.         New iPhone chargers

17.         Typing a long text with no typos

18.         Starting a book and months not go by before I finish it

19.         McDonald’s sweet tea

20.         Wendy’s spicy nuggets

21.         PINK!!!!!!!

22.         Pandas

23.         Achieving a perfect selfie

24.         Having a potty trained toddler

25.         The perfect combination of sea salt and pepper

26.         Ravioli

27.         A good book

28.         Full tank of gas

29.         Mac Books even though I currently have an Asus

I could have honestly kept going but I didn’t want to bore anyone, ha! I hope everyone have a productive week!





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