Friday, April 8, 2016


   Land of the free and the home of the brave, huh? At least that’s what America is supposed to be. Let’s take a trip to the south, Mississippi to be exact. Fast forward to now. I live in a city called Meridian, or some call it Murderidian. When I was growing up my brother and I could walk to Highland Park to play and feed the ducks. We were actually able to use the park. Now I have a sixth grader for a sister and a two year old daughter. I haven’t taken my daughter to the park since last year. Why? Let me explain..
   Recently we had a young man to get shot which caused an uproar in my city. Before that we had another young man, someone I watched grow up shot by a supposed friend. A lot of people heard of Meridian as a retirement place, to a certain point it is. People are moving out of here as fast as they move in. There are so many empty houses rotting away while I’ve been on a waiting list for a two bedroom place since last September. People are robbing and stealing because there aren’t any jobs or because they have a record that won’t let them get a decent job. My fellow black brothers are killing each other for ranking in a gang, drugs, girls, money, the list goes on. Females are stabbing each other and fighting their friend over a guy that has kids by everybody. Where is the self-respect? Where are the morals and common sense? These days and for a long time now, common sense isn’t all that common anymore. I lost my mother to a man with a gun. I am a very forgiving person but this draws a line. With that being said, one of these days I’m going to have to explain to my daughter what happened to my mother. Explain to her why she has a mother and I don’t.
   Meridian is full of followers and no where nearly enough leaders. Students are not learning in their classrooms anymore because CommonCore is dumbing them down. I ask my sister on a daily basis what she’s learning in school and nine out of ten she can’t tell me. Public school is like daycare now. You drop your kids off or they catch a bus, walk, or however they get to school. This generation of kids are issued out their own ChromeBooks. I have friends who dropped out of school. Not because there we rebelling or anything, but because they felt like they were not learning anything. They felt they could do better on their own. I live in a city where dads are ganging and moms are clubbing. I hate I even have to raise my daughter in this. I don’t want to tell her that people are monsters, savages. That people kill women, men, children, gays, straight. They don’t have to wait until dark anymore, this is done in broad day light. Mothers should not have to worry about their kid’s safety when they’re playing in their front yard. I shouldn’t fear dropping my two year old at her school in fear that some maniac will decide that today is the day he will shoot up a school. Meridian is my home but it isn’t “safe haven” anymore. As for politics, I don’t do the elephants for the donkeys. Lions, tiger, or bears. I’m independent. I’m a unicorn. I’m just a twenty-three year old first time mom, who wants a good paying job, a happy child, and for justice to be served. I’m just a mom who wants to help save her city one word at a time.
The song Murderidian was written by L Carty (Lacardo Mccarty) of Meridian. *I do not own this video.* Want to hear the song? Click on the link. Murderidian 
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